Come with us!

Duration and reference period:  The project in Ethiopia will last approximately 3 weeks and will take place during the period covering the last week of July 2023 and the first two weeks of August 2023.

Recipients of the project: approximately 100 children (boys and girls) in ages ranging from 6 to 14, from our foster homes in Hosanna and Shashamane and who attend schools in Shashamane, with the need for additional support in some subjects (level of academic performance in the 2022/2023 school year below 70%)

Aim of the project: guarantee participants educational sessions divided in Patrol with criteria based on age, language, and educational needs guided by a local tutor (in possession of a university degree or attending university) and recreational activities with animation techniques and/or scouts.

Description of the activities:  The summer school project provides for daily sessions of 6 hours duration, divided as follows:  2 hours of review in subjects where student is lacking, 3 hours of play in which tournaments will be organized, and 1 free hour in which a snack will be provided to the participants.
The activities will be provided for a total of five mornings at Hosanna and for 10 mornings at Shashamane.

Monitoring of activites on-site: Via self-presentation in the “here I am” format, the participants will prepare a letter in which they describe themselves in Amharic and/or English.  The letters will be used by the volunteers on-site to analyze the family and social situation in which the children live, to highlight eventual issues related to abuse, harassment, child labor, school dropout, and other difficulties or concerns.

Selection of volunteers applying as animators:  Candidates can submit their applications through 20 May 2023.  
The selected candidates must, by 10 June 2023, pay the mission fee of € 1200.00 which covers travel expenses, visa expenses, internal transfers in Ethiopia, as well as room and board in Mission.
The selected candidates will be provided with all informational material and support during the Mission, preparatory meetings in support of the Mission itself, and for those requiring it, targeted study of the English language in order to better communicate on-site.

The coordination of the Mission will be assigned to one of our volunteers with previous experience and knowledge of our projects and ethic.


During the Mission, visits to urban and rural areas are foreseen in order to better express and experience the objective of our  mission, for the study, exploration and culture of this ancient civilization which in previous historical cycles enjoyed an important place in history.
Our motto is “walk together” with the Ethiopian communities. (see guide and info on our web site)