Your support helps him grow.

The GMAnapoli operates in Ethiopia through Distance Support.
SaD is a concrete response of solidarity to those who are the poorest of the poor, with whom we are part of a system that divides, marginalizes and creates massive differences between the rich and the poor, between first class countries and others of fourth class, but at the same time calls for equal opportunities for all.

Start your sponsoring today!

You, alone or with your family, your company or your group of friends, can take on the needs of an Ethiopian child or family, by paying a fixed annual fee for their maintenance, medical treatment and instruction.
In this way you will help a family unit or a poor and needy child to grow in their environment without uprooting them from their own land, giving them the opportunity one day to improve it too.

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How much is sponsoring a child ?

With less than € 1 a day (€ 300 a year) you will profoundly change a person’s fate in Ethiopia.

Our references:
C/C Bancario Banca Prossima IBAN IT 87 E 033 5901 6001 0000 0078 040

The distance support is also deductible and deductible from income according to the D.L. n. 35 of 03/14/2005 with consequent tax benefits.

What will I receive ?

To those who support someone, the personal data and a photo of the adopted child are provided, and during the adoption you will receive information and news about the child’s life, his education, his health and his future, which will be better thanks to your contribution! This is because the hope is that you will continue to support the child until he completes his studies, so as to give him the chance to later improve his own country.


Contact us through our “contact” page to get more information and embark on this wonderful journey alongside an Ethiopian child.

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