Scouts in the world 

Twinning the scouts of Afragola and Shashamane: you can!

Africa is thirsty!

To improve the quality of life of children.

Family home for boys and girls in Ethiopia

To provide shelter for street children in Shashamane, Hosanna and Addis Ababa.

donne per lo sviluppo

Women for development

Women Promotion Centers within the penitentiary institution in order to restore dignity through work.

Child care centres in Shashamane’s prison

To try to give a decent future to this children.

SOS School

Education, in Africa more than anywhere else, is an instrument for growth and development.

School project

Sport educates, disciplines and, through the rules, prepares the citizens of tomorrow.

Street Children Centre

First reception center for street children.


Let’s send them to school

Campaign for the right to education in Ethiopia.

Every day we try to change the lives of vulnerable people and to create hope through our concrete commitment and fundraising by supporters, donors, public and private bodies. We decided to focus our help in Ethiopia, in the community of Shashamane: we are working in the Horn of Africa, in one of the countries that apparently knows the strongest development but only really sees an increase, day after day, in the gap between the rich and the poor. For over ten years we have been walking together with women and children in difficulty: these are people who live a precarious existence, made of poverty, a lack of food and education, and loss of dignity. We fight to change this, and we do it by leaving a mark, in a tangible way, with projects that touch different fields: from Distance Support (SaD) to Education, from Water to Reforestation, from Health to Reconstruction of Schools and Promotion Centers Woman. We believe these sectors are all joined together and that only by giving real contribution can we really change what is profoundly unjust in this world. We are not asking for big figures, but for everyone to feel that they have been called to do what is in their power: we know small and large donors and, thanks to them, today the boys of Shashamane are in a Family House that gives them a roof under which to stay and warmth to grow up with love; school students are in spacious and clean classrooms; the women we follow in prison have new working skills, which will allow them to live without begging; previously arid fields are now lush. These are the drops, small and large, that make our Sea of Hope! This is our dream: help us make it happen! Let’s give together in the hope of a better future and a present that is worth living!