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Supporting the GMA Alem OdV in Naples is advantageous because:

  • you will highlight your solidarity and strengthen your brand by linking it to a social cause, increasing your visibility and users, as all those who support us are included on this page and in all our circuits of communication
  • you will stimulate the team spirit and solidarity of your employees or collaborators

Tax benefits:

Donations made by companies in favor of non-profit organizations, pursuant to art. 14 D.L. 35 of 03/14/05 converted into Law n. 80 of 05/14/05, are admitted as a deduction from the total income of the provider in the limit of 10% of the declared income, and in any case to the maximum amount of euro 70,000.00 per year. Or (art 100, paragraph 2 letter h Presidential Decree 917 / 86) companies can deduct donations for an amount not exceeding 2,065.83 euros or 2% of the declared business income.


Sponsoring a child by a group

A staff or a group of colleagues can adopt together at a distance a child or an Ethiopian family, guaranteeing health care and education to those who really need it, and at the same time strengthening a trusting working relationship, in the name of a common ideal of solidarity and social justice.


Supporting an event, a publication, a project of the GMA Alem OdV in Naples represents an opportunity for your Company and / or Association to circulate its name in the context of the No Profit and Solidarity sector


Your company and / or association, based on the type of activity that it carries out, can offer material and supplies to the GMA of Naples becoming in all respects an operational partner.

PayRoll Giving

Your company and / or association can promote the activities of the GMA Alem OdV of Naples at its employees who can choose to donate a monthly amount in favor of the association (even a few euros) which is withheld every month in payroll. This initiative can increase the team spirit of your employees, providing the GMA Alem OdV of Naples with a small but constant resource for carrying out the various projects.

Associations which substain us:

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