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Since July 2012, we have embarked on a path of autonomy and greater rooting on the territory, without losing sight of our great dream: the improvement of the living conditions of the poor community of Shashamane in Ethiopia and the spread of a sustainable and supportive lifestyle.

To date, there are 40 people who, as members, have decided to walk together with the GMA Napoli to achieve this goal, 40 people who collaborate and contribute to the success of our activities in the area and participate in convivial meetings in place!

Become partner of GMA Napoli!

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The fee is 25.00 euros and it is valid for one year.

Here you can download the OdV membership form, then send it completed and scanned to our email address:

You can request a printed copy of the membership card here and fill it in with us: we are waiting for you!!

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