GMA NGO is a no-profit organization that operates in Italy through its main office registered in Roa : the n. 96  on 18/12/2012 and in  Albo Regionale n ° 1909 /266 dated 17/12/13. 

Since 2003 GMA Naples has been supporting towns in  Ethiopia where the Catholic Missions run a variety of social projects:

-  7 Schools

- A boarding school  for blind 

- Women Promotion Centres (WPC)

-  A local Health Clinic

-  3 Foster Homes for street children

-  multi-purpose facilities for training and sanitary campaigns 


GMA Naples commits itself, through the help : Sponsoring needy children at distance, fundraising activities, charity events,donations, the selling of craft products made locally in Ethiopia(see

How we finance ourselves 

1.-Children Sponsorship program allows donors to support a child and his family with 300€ annually (i.e. less than 1€ per day!).  Info and photos of the child/family are then sent to the donors three times a year.

2. Donations from friends and supporters.

 3.Fundraising events such as concerts, performances, festivals and bazaars.

4.  Submission of projects to institutions or/and private donors for financing.


Regular monitoring of projects are carried out by  GMA volunteers and local representatives of the Catholic Missions. Both cooperate for the benefit of children and families supported.   Our sponsors are invited to join GMA volunteers during periodical trips to Africa,to experience first hand the impact of our charitable activities with the aim of further disseminating of Gma Missions.


Where we operate