Newsletter GMAnapoli – September 2023




There’s a lot of talk about migration, but it isn’t a problem in itself; rather, it’s a symptom of poverty, marginalization, unemployment, lack of educational opportunities.

Let’s think about the cause:  human migration will disappear only when the mobilizing circumstances disappear.

Let’s remember that of the 40,400 refugees, 96% are internally displaced people within Africa.

How to avoid this human migration?  Provide people with help within their own countries.






Our children’s School Reports



We have recently sent out the report cards of our children.
Have you received them?
Many of you have already replied, demonstrating your joy in reading about the results obtained. We are still awaiting results for some students who had to take state exams and make-up exams.

Let’s remember that every small result obtained is a big step forward which we take together!


Departing:  We’re packing our suitcases


Our next trip is getting closer!

Every trip is an enrichment of our reciprocal differences. You can follow, via our socials, the testimonies of our volunteers (Nunzia, Marisa, Pina, and Francesca) directly from the communities which we support in Ethiopia.


We will be in Ethiopia from 16 October to 04 November.



Projects with CSV Napoli


Thanks to the project “Volontary Work Happy Hour 2023” organized by CSV Napoli in collaboration with Universita’ degli Studi Suor Orsola Benincasa, two female students have chosen to conduct an internship at our offices.

An occasion for dialogue, learning and volunteering.

This year we are once again participating in the project “school and voluntary work”.


Upcoming Events



St. Luca Festival – 30 September and 1 October

A special occasion to strengthen our presence in the Domizio area, at the St. Luca Church of Varcaturo.


Giving Day – 4 October

In collaboration with the Sunflower Association, we have planned the annual national event of Giving Day.

We will celebrate the event at our GMA Napoli offices, from 10:30 to 13:00.

With a small donation you will be able to choose, from amongst the stands, second-hand and vintage jackets and coats, baskets containing shoes, hats and scarfs, in addition to Ethiopian handiworks – all accompanied by tasty snacks.

At the end of the event, we will exchange little boxes containing small gifts.


Solidarity favors


Many thanks to our special couples who have chosen GMA Napoli for their wedding favors.

The proceeds will go to the WPC (Women’s Promotion Center) project at the Shashamane female prison.
The children and their incarcerated mothers thank you!

To reserve, please go to our web site or call: +39 0818043778.