Newsletter Ottobre 2023

Newsletter GMAnapoli – October 2023





ACTIONS AND NOT JUST WORDS!! Snippets from our trip

Many people tell us: “Well done, well done, what wonderful work you do!”
Despite the difficulties we face here, it’s important to live, play and work with these people who are so rich in their history, traditions and dignity.

So let’s not keep saying “well done”.  Because what we – Marisa, Pina, Nunzia and Francesca – have been able to donate, together with your help, is simply not enough.

We’re aiming for a life-changing experience.
We need your help!  Will you please help us?

SAD – Child Sponsorship




We’re here in Ethiopia and we’re saddened by the lack of humanity which is enveloping the world.
Every day we witness first-hand DESPERATION, HUNGER, POVERTY and NEGLECT from the rest of the world towards this country and Africa.


Dostoevskij writes: “Beauty will save the world… “  In addition to that “beauty”, we include the smiles and the joy of our girls and our boys. 


WPC -  Women’s Promotion Centre



“And still one day all this will end”:  The women entrust their works with HOPE and EMOTIONS.



Their work dignifies and redeems our WOMEN.

We see it in the Shashamane prison where the women overwhelmed us, by surprise, with their precious works.  Baskets woven with colorful dried grass.

These are unique works of art which they transform into bread and dignity.

 For Christmas you can purchase these items, together with our nougat candy and chocolates.


Please place your order by calling this number:  0818043778


FOSTER HOMES – To WELCOME, EDUCATE and HUG those who come from a life of extreme poverty. 



We support two Foster Homes, hosting approximately one hundred children. 
Difficulties?  Yes, lots of them!

Often, we don’t know how we can guarantee at least one meal a day… And yet, statistics show that in the wealthy western world, tons of food are literally thrown away.

What have we accomplished here? We have tried to take care of a fraction of these many needs.

The photos which we’ll send to you at Christmas will tell you a lot about these necessities.

Despite everything which we were able to bring with us here during this trip, there is still a need for more computers, notebooks, coloring pens and pencils, folders, various tools and materials.  These items are very important for the students who attend our schools.


What do they ask of us?
Will you please help us via Child Sponsorship?