Newsletter Ottobre 2021

Newsletter GMAnapoli – October 2021



Hunger is a bigger killer than Covid!

The situation in Africa is truly dramatic.

People there are dying from hunger, from sickness, from war -- and not just from Covid.

The monthly magazine “Nigrizia” writes that in Ethiopia there are 16.8 million people who find themselves in a state of “acute food insecurity”, made worse by alternating periods of drought and flooding due to global climate changes.

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We are not sitting back.Instead, we are launching a concrete initiative, unanimously approved in the members’ meeting held recently on 10 Oct 2021:Family Sponsorship (SADf).





During our recent trip to Ethiopia, while we were conducting medical checks on the children, we realized that many of them hadn’t eaten for days.  Many heads of families, due to Covid and war, have lost their livelihoods and in order to feed their children they have sold everything, even their own essential work tools.

It’s nice for kids to go to school, but NOT if they’re starving!  And that’s how we got the idea to activate the Family Sponsorship (SADf) program to help families support themselves and become self-sufficient.

We have selected the first 8 families who are in urgent need of support.   And now we’re asking you to lend them a helping hand!  With only 50€ per month, we can (YES, WE CAN!) alleviate the difficulties of a family by providing microcredits to the head of family.   WORK, DIGNITY, TRAINING and BREAD!

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Garage Sale

We have lots of stuff, new and vintage, which are donated to us and we would like to transform them into bread, which can be bought locally.

Christmas decorations, reproductions of famous paintings by our volunteer Giovanna Vitagliano, hand-made ceramics by our volunteer Dora Freda, books, educational materials, costume jewelry, ethnic items from Ethiopia, and so much more…

Please join us:

·         6 and 7 November 2021

·         From 9:00 to 18:00

·         At our GMA local office.


Click here to view a selection of items for sale.




Burraco of Solidarity


Saturday 6 November 2021 at 18:00 we will host a Burraco for Solidarity tournament in our local office. The proceeds from the event will go to our SCHOOLS project for the construction of classrooms.  To participate please phone us at: 3312704165.   Reservations are required. 




Our Christmas Campaigns:



Covid in Ethiopia has led to even more malnutrition, creating a widespread food emergency. GMA Napoli acted quickly by sending funds to provide meals for approximately 500 families in Shashamane living under dire conditions. Our goal is to continue to support the most vulnerable among the population:  the children and their families.





 The tree you see in the photo is a Sycamore, a plant considered to be holy by the Oromo people and which provides shade for the elderly, students, and children who gather there. Every tree planted – carob, moringa, papaya, etc…, -- can contribute to the reforestation of the arid and fruitless territories for the population. 

You too can plant a tree.  With only 5€ you can make a lasting contribution.



 The objective of this campaign is to create a healthcare fund for Shashamane, to cover the costs of vaccines and their refrigeration requirements in order to combat Covid, malaria, measles, and other such diseases.

With your generous donations we hope to support the training of healthcare workers, which number only 1 for every 10,000 inhabitants in Ethiopia.





The GMA napoli in the schools 


We’re happy to resume EAS activities in person in the Campania region schools at all levels and grades.  The first message that we will try to convey is how valuable education is, especially in person, considering that Ethiopian children, like those in many African countries, can not enjoy this fundamental right, and even less so with Covid.


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26,701 Thank Yous…

… to all those who have contributed to the achievement of this result.  Your 26,701.46€ are destined for the “Schools” project in Shashamane.   Our children say “AMESEGINALEHU” (thank you).







“… Free us from Evil and from the temptation of thinking about only ourselves. Amen.”
(from a Missionary Father, read and meditated upon by GMA Napoli –
Cathedral of Aversa on 29 Oct 2021)





For donations via bank transfer Iban: IT 43 A 030 6909 6061 0000 0078 040


Donate your 5x1000:  all it takes is your signature and our Fiscal Code 95169020633