Newsletter November 2020

Newsletter GMAnapoli - Novembre 2020

Dear friends of GMA Naples,

Here below is our monthly newsletter, full of the latest news arriving from Ethiopia.  We kindly ask you to read it carefully, as always.   Without you, those who support our projects and give us hope, nothing would be possible!



At this time Ethiopia is experiencing a triple tragedy:   the Covid pandemic, an invasion of locusts, and interethnic conflicts.  There is an African proverb which says, “When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers.“ In this case, the slender blades of grass represent our children, women and the entire population which is crying from hunger, poverty, sickness and deprivation. 

A ray of hope comes from the voices of our local collaborators, who inform us that every day the local police pick up dozens of abandoned children from the streets. In fact, many of these children have found refuge in our Foster Homes and are now awaiting sponsorship via long distance adoption.  We ask you to please help give them a brighter future -- not just a Christmas present but the most precious gift of a lifetime (Child Sponsorship).

Here are a couple of “before” and “after” shots…  Before, on the streets…  After, welcomed into the Foster Home at Hosanna…   




For us, solidarity during the pandemic also means:  taking turns working physically on site, in safety, to do volunteer work such as mailing out the Christmas letters arriving from Ethiopia to each of you, the “Aunts” and “Uncles” of these special children.   We have also enriched our Solidarity Shop, making it possible to ship outside the region in order to guarantee that all of you can make purchases to support the women and children of Ethiopia. 



We never turn our backs on requests for help.   We have activated 3 projects for Christmas, each one tied to a prize for those of you who participate.   Please spread the word to your friends, colleagues, acquaintances -- to win for charity! 



Add one more seat at the table…


Are you planning on spending Christmas with your family, maybe with a big Christmas dinner and a house filled with holiday decorations?


All of that may seem normal to you, but not to our CHILDREN in Ethiopia who don’t have a family or a home.  For them, a merry Christmas (7 January, as per the Orthodox calendar) means having a little something to eat. Covid has brought an increase in poverty all over the world.   In Ethiopia, it has forced women and children out onto the streets to beg for food.   This simply is not right!

With your help, on 19 January (the Orthodox Epiphany) we could organize a nice lunch for the many street children of Ethiopia. 

Donate now.


Foster Homes for children


We have already built Foster Homes for children, but we can’t stop there…  We need your support to remove from the streets the many children who still don’t have the chance for a roof over their heads and the warmth of a family…

We are planning, thanks to your generous support, to build additional Foster Homes for even more children, in the hopes of giving them a brighter future.

You can find the complete project here


Please be generous!

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Water is Life

The project “Water is Life” aims to bring clean water to the schools of Shashamane in order to improve hygiene and sanitary conditions, and therefore the health of our children.

CLEAN WATER is now more indispensable than ever, when everyone is asked to WASH THEIR HANDS as an important step in reducing the risk of Covid contagion.

See the project AFRICA IS THIRSTY.

Donate now.



 GMA Naples has always distinguished itself for its transparency.   Each month you will find on our web site an updated financial statement, which you can consult and compare with the planned budget. It is fairly low with respect to previous years due to the Covid situation which we were already aware of as of January, having received news directly from China, thanks to Marta Berardi. 

 We kindly invite you to collaborate with us by paying your annual quota for Child Sponsorship and renewing your commitment, a true blessing for the children in Child Sponsorship, more important than ever to SAVE LIVES.  



The gift of giving… and the joy of helping others.

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