Newsletter – May 2021





Newsletter GMAnapoli - May 2021



Dear friends,

Pier Augusto, manager for GMA Projects, has returned to Ethiopia.  Pier informed us (here) about the meetings with our little ones in the schools.   And, most importantly, he updated us on the amazing reforestation project taking place in Abono Gabriel.  Don’t worry if you haven’t yet adopted one of the 10,000 trees that will bear your name, you’re still in time, just click here.



Every child has a story...


Today we would like to introduce you to Selamawit:  an 8-year-old girl recently welcomed into our Bianca d’Aponte Foster Home in Hosanna.   This little girl comes from a complicated family background.   Her mother lost a leg in an accident and she gets by with odd jobs at the market place, with assistance from her oldest son.   Her father is terminally ill with HIV.   This is her first experience in school and she’s still attending kindergarten.  How could she have possibly been able to study without this opportunity?  She adores the outfit which we sent her, and during the weekends she can wear that outfit instead of the school uniform which she is wearing in the photo.   A big thank you to Maddalena from Aversa who is sponsoring Selamawit via our Child Sponsorship program.


















Saturday 8 May we participated in the “People’s Fest”, organized by the Diocese of Aversa and held in the Cloister of the Convent of Santa Maria del Carmine in the town of Sant’Antimo.   Our very own Nunzia was the official emcee for the event.   We are pleased to be able to participate each year in these intercultural awareness events where we celebrate mankind and life!  This year “mothers” have been the protagonists who told us about their moments of sadness, their memories, and their willingness to adapt in times of COVID. 






As in the past, we designate the 5x1000 funds we receive to ongoing projects in Ethiopia, such as New Classrooms, Clean Water, and Women’s Promotion Center.   Please continue to help us receive these funds by signing your Italian tax declaration in the 5x1000 section dedicated to charitable organizations, specifying our fiscal code: 95169020633.





Donations and useful goods


We are grateful to all of you who continue to donate precious goods (clothing, notebooks, books, etc.!  It was difficult choosing just how to fill the 3 suitcases which Pier Augusto was able to bring with him to Ethiopia.  So, we were happy to share fabric, books and educational materials for Mother’s Day with local organizations: “Girasoli” Association (which helps Rom and Sinti people) and Caritas of Aversa (which helps non-EU women with training and advancement). 


A special thanks to the children of the “San Luca – Varcaturo” parish receiving their First Holy Communion for the donations they sent us via their catechists Enzo and Giovanna.  These donations have been transformed into bread, fruit, and… clean water for the children of the Foster Home in Shashamane.










·         Are you ready to reserve a spot in our next Burraco for Solidarity event ?  Save the date:   19 June 2021!  We’ve planned the event with your safety as a priority:   it will take place outside in the open air and following COVID safety measures.

·         AGESCI meeting for Rovers in the Naples area on 6 June at S. Giovanni Maggiore Naples.   Nunzia and Mara will talk about their service on behalf of those who don’t have a voice:  Women and Children, with a proposal for organizing a summer camp program with the scouts of Shashamane in Ethiopia.


25 May 2021 World Africa Day

 We’re inspired by the writings of the journalist Ryszard Kapuscinski to celebrate with you World Africa Day:   The African tradition is collectivist, in contrast with the rampant individualism of the western world.  Survival means sharing of joy and suffering.  In the western world we forget the lessons of day-to-day solidarity that Africa teaches us, so 25 May is a good day to remember that and put it into practice!