Newsletter GMA Napoli – January 2024

Newsletter GMA Napoli – January 2024

Dear friends and supporters,


Starting the new year with choral singing, such as Gospel music, was the best way for us to remember that our Mission is to build bridges between us and those on the other side of the world, with the hope that one day our lives will have the same value, and the same dignity, both here and there

THANKS to ALL for participating with great joy in this extraordinary event, which helps us support the Bianca D’Aponte Foster Home for abandoned girls at Hosanna in Ethiopia!

THANKS to Pastor Don Guglielmo Pireddu, to Father Alberto Casalegno, from the Church of Gesu’ Nuovo in Naples, to the “Euphoria” choir and to Angela Rosa D’Auria for making all this possible.


THANKS also to those who participated in the Burraco for Solidarity event held on 2 Dec 2023 at the S. Massimo Parish in Licola (Pozzuoli).
A big thanks to Father Giuseppe who kindly made the premises available for use during the event.   


Your contribution made a difference in the lives of those who need it the most!


25 Jan 2024  As part of “Spaziolibero” produced by Rai Parlamento, a segment dedicated to GMA Napoli (edited by the journalist Marina Giraldi) will be aired on Rai3 television.

Thanks to our volunteers for enlivening the day and giving voice to our projects!

Also participating as guests were students from the IIIB class of the Istituto Superiore “G. Falcone” at Varcaturo.

A backstage video for you:




24 Feb 2024 A members assembly meeting will be held at 11:00 at the GMA Napoli offices in Via San Nullo, 180 (Viale Chicco – Parco Simona).

We look forward to meeting with all of our members and supporters to discuss the 2023 final report as well as projects for the new year. The assembly will be followed by a friendly lunch from 13:00 – 14:30.

VISITING: Our dear Abba Seyoum, Bishop of Hosanna, will be in Italy for a visit to the Vatican.  We look forward to his visit to the GMA Napoli offices, and are eager for him to share with us all the good news which he brings from Ethiopia.



We know that our children in Ethiopia enjoyed a nice Christmas on 7 January, as well as the timkat on 20 January (the Ethiopian orthodox celebration of the Epiphany).

In the photo, our little girls from Hosanna wearing their new traditional costumes which they received as gifts from GMA Napoli: