Newsletter GMA Napoli - December 2023


Newsletter GMA Napoli - December 2023 



In Ethiopia, Christmas Day is celebrated on 7 January.
According to the Ethiopian Church tradition, Jesus, Joseph and Maria, after their stay in Egypt in order to flee from King Herod, passed through Ethiopia before returning to Palestine.
 There are a few shrines which commemorate this HOLY passage.


The majority of Ethiopians are Christian Orthodox for nearly 2000 years.





Dear friends and supporters,


Thank you for being part of our GMA Napoli family, contributing with your love and support towards changing, with gestures of Solidarity, this broken world. 


It’s Christmas, DONATING brings us JOY:

Last minute Christmas gifts?

Visit our Christmas Solidarity Shop: CATALOGO NATALE SOLIDALE


Or contact us by telephone at: 081 8043778





04 JANUARY 20024 – Gospel Music Concert at “Chiesa del Gesu’ Nuovo (NA)” 


Your minimum donation/entrance fee of 5 Euro will contribute towards supporting our Foster Home for abandoned girls in Hosanna, Ethiopia.  Progetto Casa Famiglia Hosanna

At the entrance, you will also find our solidarity stand full of Ethiopian products and chocolate:
PREPARE your stockings for the Befana!


Also available is a 2024 Calendar from our friends at “Citta’ della Gioia ETS”, with our children’s greetings for the New Year, in the month of January, and their good wishes.

For info and reservations:

Phone:  081.804.3778







May Christmas bring Light, Warmth and Shelter -

a SPECIAL GIFT for mankind.


ENJOY this Christmas with a gesture of Hope and Solidarity.



BEST WISHES from the GMA Napoli Team






Our offices will be closed from 23 December 2023 thru 1 January 2024.
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