Newsletter June 2022

Newsletter GMAnapoli

"Let us never grow tired of seeking peace”

(cardinale Matteo Zuppi- Archbishop of Bologna)

Severe drought in the Horn of Africa and winds of war threaten peace even in Africa.

Together with you, we will redouble our efforts to help children and the communities we

support in Ethiopia.


Would you abandon a relative, a loved one, or a friend in need right now?



Abiti and Sister Sara always keep us informed, via detailed reports, about all the activities which

GMAnapoli carries out in Ethiopia. Activities continue in the Shashamane prison to promote training

for women inmates as well as education for their children. Sr. Sara thanks us very much… A project

is in development for the construction of new classrooms at Shashamane… We can’t accept that

there are still students who don’t have a roof over their heads. Clicca qui


The microcredit project is beginning to show its first good results: Abiti in the photo, assists and

trains women and families in need. The benefits are evident in the children of these families, for

whom regular daily meals are guaranteed.



Almea, our guest in Naples, has updated us on the “rebirth” project, which does much good

for young women and their children in Addis Abeba. It’s nice to learn, in real time, that our

help and yours materializes in removing so many girls from the streets and assuring them a

new beginning, a new life. 



In the course of the 2021 – 2022 academic year with the EAS project, conducted in various

schools in the area, we worked alongside young students who gifted us with so many new

ideas and lots of energy. In particular, on Friday 27 May, Marisa and Santina participated in

the “School and Humanitarian Aid” conference organized by CSV Naples as the final event in

a series of events undertaken during the year with the “Virgilio” high school in Pozzuoli.

Sunday 8 May, we honored the “mothers” of the “Black and White” association of

Castelvolturno. A big thank-you to all those who donated the many items for infants which

we delivered during the Mass held in the “Santa Maria dell’Aiuto” church.

Saturday 28 May, Nunzia was invited as a participant at the roundtable held at the “Oasi” in

Gennazzano (RM).


We need your help: TO ENSURE… TO ENCOURAGE

5x1000 donations in support of GMA Napoli


Did you know???


GMA Napoli was founded in Licola (NA) in July 2012, but has been in existence for 50 years

in connection with GMA of Montagnana (PD).

Its history, its progress, its achievements… in the following video…

So much has been accomplished, thanks especially to all of you, who have been and

continue to be the heroes of these efforts: “The Good Done Well”