Newsletter GMAnapoli - February 2023

Newsletter Febbraio - GMAnapoli

“The only time it’s acceptable to look down on a person is when you’re helping to lift him up.”

                                                                                                          Pope Francis


WATER FOR THE "Bruh Alem" Nursery School

During our last mission to Ethiopia in November we visited a new nursery school located just outside Hosanna, where the sanitary conditions were terrible – with no water and no toilets.  

Among the 98 children frequenting the school, many showed signs (more or less advanced) of Trachoma, a bacterial infection which leads to blindness.  Unfortunately, one of the children is already blind!


We decided to intervene via the construction of a self-sustaining water system which can improve these poor sanitary conditions.

Please do your part by donating via the “Crowdnet” platform at the following link:

Water for the Bruh Alem Nursery School


Sister Gianna e Sister Maria Pia write to use as follows:

“The mothers who come asking us for help, walking barefoot even for more than 4 hours, have increased.  Their children show severe symptoms of malnutrition and we do what we can to help, but at the market the prices are increasing week by week and the cost of living has more than doubled in less than a year, which unfortunately increases the already high infant mortality rate. These mothers are desperate, as evidenced by the increase in crimes committed by women (theft, drug dealing, etc.). Unfortunately, they do everything they can to feed their children, and the number of women in prison is increasing.”  

We cannot remain deaf when faced with these cries for help.Their testimony must give us the strength to work alongside them and continue our support for the WPC project in the Shashamane prison.




Once again, we intend to activate the Summer School project in Ethiopia during the period between the end of July and beginning of August.  Applications are open for support volunteers, apply now!

Read the project program summary and send in your application to become a Summer School support volunteer!





1)Ethiopia has a very low percentage of college graduates, with the country falling to 5th from last place in the UNESCO Education Index.  Only 3% of high school graduates in Ethiopia obtained grades which were high enough for them to attend university, according to the Minister of Education Berhanu Nega, who has stated that the latest exam results are “shocking”.  


2) Ethiopia, earth-mother:  new archeological findings confirm that Ethiopia is the “cradle of humanity”.
Italian archeologists have discovered a treasure of almost 600 hand-made obsidian axes.  The tools have been dated to 1.2 million years ago, a mind-blowing discovery which pushes back the use of obsidian tools by an astonishing 500,000 years.