Newsletter February 2022

Newsletter GMAnapoli - February 2022





Those who make war forget humanity…

(Pope Francis)


GMA Napoli stands with the people, is interested in the day-to-day lives of people, and places top priority on those who suffer (and not on power).  

(Paraphrasing the words of Pope Francis)




IL GMA work-in-progress


We work, build, and dream…  towards a better world, always! 





Pier Augusto Berardi, GMA Napoli Project Officer, is departing for Ethiopia.  His itinerary includes: Abono Gabriel for completion of the Reforestation project; Shashamane to meet with all the children participating in the Child Sponsorship program; Hosanna to supervise construction of the laboratories which are part of the Foster Home; and Addis Abeba for a visit and for purchases in the “San Giuseppe” WPC (Women’s Promotion Center). 




Project PCTO -  "Caravaggio" High school


On Friday 25 February 2022, GMA Napoli offices hosted the third classes of the “Caravaggio” Institute located in San Gennaro Vesuviano (NA). The 45 student guests were actively involved in the project simulation of Reforestation activity.





Members Meeting 


In accordance with our by-laws, GMA Napoli members held a General Assembly on 20 February 2022 so they could receive an update on and share the good overall results and activities of the year 2021.  Amongst the guests:  Ysack, our brilliant Ethiopian student who is pursuing a Master’s degree program in Rome made possible by an E.U. scholarship; and… long-time volunteers from the past who we welcome back with pleasure.
The 2021 Financial Statement and 2022 Budget were approved unanimously.





Coming soon:

We’re getting ready for Easter and are offering for sale, as in past years, chocolate Easter eggs AND… 2 new items:  dark chocolate Easter bells and solidarity “scugnizze” dolls.
Please reserve your orders by telephone at 081.8043778 or email:


With this donation you will contribute to the support of impoverished women and their children who are part of the WPC (Women’s Promotion Centers) in Ethiopia.