Newsletter July- August 2020


We would like to begin this summer newsletter by saying 20,564 THANK YOUs to all of our friends and supporters who have donated the miraculous amount of 20,564 Euros in 2019 to GMA Naples via their “5 per thousand” Italian tax contribution.  As soon as the funds are deposited into our bank account, we can kick off the construction of new classrooms which are ESSENTIAL for ensuring that no child is left out of School 01.  Starting in September, as part of COVID-19 restrictions, the local institutions have set a limit of 45 students per classroom...   And, YES, we are absolutely serious:  a maximum of 45 students instead of the current average of 80 students per classroom.   PLEASE HELP US this year too!  Check our budget and most recent financial statement as of 30 June, recently posted at the following link: 

and perhaps compare them to others...  EVERYTHING we receive is immediately invested in activities aimed to relieve the immense suffering of our children and their families using the following criteria:  “and what if they were our children ???”.

UNSTABLE SITUATION IN ETHIOPIA which is of great concern

We’ve only started receiving news again since a few days ago once the country’s internet connectivity was re-established after being unavailable for approximately one month as a result of ethnic and political unrest following the murder on 29 June of the singer Hundeessa, an Oromo activist and a moderate with close ties to the current government.  Shashamane was also dragged into the fury of the protest, taking its toll in casualties and material damage, which made problems with the economy as well as local social-healthcare systems even worse.  The people there write to us expressing hope, saying “Our country is undergoing a time of darkness, but we know that the light will return”.   Link for further info:


We reached our goal of 2,010.00 Euros, quite a good achievement, and really unexpected because of the difficulties related to the existence of so many crowdfunding sites online.  Thanks to each and every one of you for your support !  The fundraising via this platform is closed now but you can still use our checking accounts to give further donations which will used for essentials in coping with the pandemic, thank you !   We forwarded 3,000 Euros to our Sisters de Foucault and these funds were immediately used to bring FOOD and disinfectants to the women and their children incarcerated in the Shashamane prison...



Thanks to our friends at NATO !   We met with Dawn, Stefania, Anna e May and together we’re planning a series of initiatives with the local international community, as we used to do in the past, to help our children in Ethiopia and elsewhere too. Our volunteers have donated their time and abilities to sew sets of masks with matching purses.   Click here to access our store:


The masks with matching purses are available for sale in our main office with donations starting from 10 Euro per set, but we can also mail them out to you.  The proceeds from the sales will be used to support our children and foster homes in Hosanna! Please help us spread the news about this fundraising initiative! 


Our main office will be closed for summer vacation from 10 – 20 August.   But you can still contact us during that period via email: or by phone:  081-804378/3334938681.

 “No eye has ever seen the sun without becoming sun-like, nor can a soul ever see beauty without becoming beautiful”.  – Plotinus

 “We must see ourselves in our fellow human beings... with EMPATHY.”  – GMA Naples