Newsletter April 2022


Who wins?... Who loses?... In war, it’s always HUMANITY that loses.

We’re gasping for breath, as if a heavy weight were pressing upon our chest, with 33 wars raging around the world.  BUT… we march ahead, redoubling our efforts to help the many children and families which are suffering in Ethiopia!
Finally, there’s a ceasefire in northern Ethiopian, after 17 months of war and over 500,000 deaths and millions of defenseless citizens left to starve.





“The world’s splendor will survive unreasonableness”





-EAS activities in schools and Scout Groups:






·         The “Virgilio” institute of Pozzuoli and the “I.C. Tozzi” of Frignano have been busy during the Easter period supporting our WPC (Women’s Promotion Center) project.   A big THANK YOU to these young men and women!!

·         Solidarity concert, 7 May, in support of our “Reforestation” project.  The students of the “I.T.S. Caravaggio” institute, at the end of a program of alternating work/school sessions with GMAnapoli, are now very actively involved – as involved citizens working towards a better world.

·         Most welcome guests visit our home offices:  Scout group Afragola 3, paired with the Scouts of Shashamane who, in a live video, gave thanks for funds raised and sent to them as a product of “Thinking Day”.


-Pier Augusto and Arcangelo visit Ethiopia


Our members/volunteers have monitored and reported on GMA Projects in Shashamane, Hosanna, and Meki.

·         Abono Gabriel is getting ready for the planting of approximately 15,000 plants to add to the greenery already achieved.  The project is under the excellent management of the village (see photo). 

·         In the Shashamane schools built by GMA, the electrical and plumbing systems were checked and safety measures were put in place.  Thank you Arcangelo!

·         Our encounter with the children involved in the Child Sponsorship program was wonderful and very useful. The photos and videos brought to Italy for our supporters are proof of just how much good the Child Sponsorship program provides.


-Easter Campaign and work in the GMA home office:



We are extremely happy with the results of the Easter Campaign in support of the Women’s Promotion Center of Shashamane.   Over 1100 chocolate Easter eggs and chocolate Easter bells together with over 100 Scugnizze solidarity dolls were distributed.  

Many THANKS to our volunteers and to all those who helped to support us in this effort.

At the same time, we worked on getting out the Easter letters containing the children’s drawings and holiday wishes.   We also worked on producing the declarations for your tax deductions.   Do you all receive it?























































·         8 May, Mother’s Day:  In honor of this holiday, we are again launching our campaign “From mother to mother” -- collecting diapers, towelettes/wipes, baby food, and other basic necessities for mothers and children in need.  We will deliver these items to the association “Black and White” of Castelvolturno, and you are invited to attend this event on Saturday 30 April at 19:30 in the Teatro S. Artema (Via Modigliani, 2c, Monteruscello-Pozzuoli).

·         Burraco Tournament for Solidarity:  We’re organizing a new edition of the tournament to be held at GMA offices in Licola.  It will be the perfect occasion for us to meet at our “home”.  Please let us know if you will attend (call 3312704165 to confirm participation).