Newsletter GMAnapoli – April 2021

Newsletter GMAnapoli - April 2021

Dear friends,

The month of May is just around the corner, the month of the year which is dedicated to mothers.  And one of our mantras is: “Educating a woman means improving the future of her family, her community, and her entire country.”  We believe strongly in the power of women, a belief that stems from the many silent testimonies to that power which we have experienced in our long years of volunteer work and in our mission at Shashamane. We are convinced that African women, without making a sound, will bring a breath of change to tomorrow’s Ethiopia!

Now we’re going to tell you about one of these lives.

We’re talking about Hanna – 10 years old, father deceased, mother blind – a little girl who is always smiling and attentive to the needs of others, now placed in our Foster Home at Hosanna. When we asked her why she had not attended school in the past, she responded that it was because she had to take care of her mother and her little sister.  So, then we asked her: “And now that you’re here with us in the Foster Home, who will take care of your mother?”.  Her response inspired us with strength and tenderness: “It was my mother who insisted that I be placed here, so I could think about my future and study.  She told me that she would get by with help from the women of the village and my little sister who is 5 years old.”   That demonstrates the strength and the tenderness of a mother who, although blind and without resources, worries about the future of little Hanna, now living in our Foster Home and enrolled in school.  T

hat demonstrates a mother’s love!






Dear mothers,
Stand by other mothers who live in difficult circumstances, by going to our GMAnapoli site and donating at least the cost of a meal for a mother and her children in the Shashamane prison, thereby participating in the campaign “From mother to mother” !











For many years now, in partnership with the Sisters of De Foucauld, we operate in the Shashamane Prison alongside the women inmates to alleviate, at least in part, their suffering via training and literacy programs and a school for their children.  The 5x1000 funds for this year will be destined precisely to this solidarity work. 
Read about it here





Why donate your 5x1000 to GMAnapoli?
Because with just a signature, you can generate projects of rebirth!
Just to give you an idea:
From 2014 - 2017 we built classrooms and brought clean water into the schools of Shashamane.
In 2018 we expanded the school of district 01 at Shashamane and in 2019 we supported the Foster Homes that provide shelter and a future to our boys and girls in Ethiopia!
That’s a lot, but we can do even more with your help.




So how can you help?
Very easy: in your annual Italian tax declaration there is a section dedicated to charitable organizations; by inserting our Fiscal Code 95169020633 in that section you can ensure that 5x1000 of your taxes will go to us, which otherwise would go to the government.
Please give, please give, please give!!




Among our projects, we are happy to proceed to the second phase of the reforestation of the village of Abono Gabriel:  the desert will soon flower!
You too can actively contribute to this rebirth of Mother Earth, by gifting us a tree.
Little Matthew, Manuel, Amalia, Carlo, Laura, Betty, Sarah, Anna Maria and many others have already gifted us a tree, and now a small plaque bearing their name is ready to be placed on each of their trees.
Plant a tree!  DONATE NOW



“EAS” (development education) IN SCHOOLS, EVEN REMOTELY

Remote learning doesn’t frighten us:  we have managed to virtually enter the classrooms of the Don Milani High School in Naples to communicate with the students and teachers on topics such as racism, hate crimes, and jus soli (birthright citizenship) -- subjects which stimulated our listening and the liveliness of the students who, while wearing masks and practicing safe distancing, actively participated.  Our thanks go to the principal Angela Viola for the sensitivity shown to these topics.
We hope to be able to continue along this engaging path established during these months of pandemic.




At the beginning of June, barring other unexpected obstacles, a group of our vaccinated volunteers will visit Ethiopia to report on and supervise our projects, but most importantly to embrace our children! Follow us on our social media and web site to see with our eyes and to touch with our hands all that is happening in this unfortunate but marvelous land!


Justice and human dignity trampled on in the Mediterranean.
Indifference kills!
“All Brothers” we continue to repeat, with Pope Francis

“Let us realize that as our minds and hearts narrow, the less capable we become of understanding the world around us. Without encountering and relating to differences, it is hard to achieve a clear and complete understanding even of ourselves and of our native land. Other cultures are not “enemies” from which we need to protect ourselves, but differing reflections of the inexhaustible richness of human life.


Pope Francis in “All Brothers”