Our Samyra (nickname) during Covid

Covid in Ethiopia also means highlighting the consequences of poverty.  For this reason, we provided food, water, disinfectant, and masks to 500 families in extreme poverty, thanks to funds donated via GoFundMe.  Thus we were able to experience first-hand notable changes within only 1 month.

Samyra is 12 years old and started going to school just 3 years ago. One day on the streets near the mission school, she encountered Arcangelo, one of our volunteers, and she began clinging his pants crying “I want to go to school”. This is how little Samyra entered one of the classrooms of the school in the  0-1 zone, currently sponsored by Arcangelo.   Now because of Covid the schools are closed and none of the children have tablets or internet to use for remote learning.   So the virus has accentuated the already existing inequalities which in these countries penalize above all women and children.   We received a photo of Samyra, where she appears rundown and malnourished, and we became concerned for her and for the other children.   We notified Abiti, our local volunteer, about the dire situation and he quickly took action.   The school is still closed and the children are left to themselves, but Samyra’s story does have a happy ending:    she and her family received food and everything they could possibly need.   And now as proof… take a look at the huge difference in the second photo after just one month.