Trip Report (XII)

Hosanna, 14 September 2021



Our cherished young ladies are ready for their first day of school.  The new folders, the notebooks – the girls flip through them like precious fans. The pens they will use to write their own beautiful stories and the studying needed to build a brighter future.  They are so enthusiastic !

Their images are reflected in the blue windows of “Bianca’s House”; they sense that here they will spend some of the best days of their lives.  In the morning when I go to say hello, I find them wandering around the premises.  The twins Robot and Lidian, barefooted so as not to dirty the floor with their muddy sandals, are waiting in the library. They’re glued to the spot, staring at a photo of Bianca.  They’re happy, all of them are happy.

Best wishes for a wonderful school year.

Good luck.

And sweet dreams.