Trip Report (VIII)

Hosanna, 08 September 2021


At the Hosanna “Summer School”

Remedial English language instruction

On Monday, with Nunzia, we began our remedial English language instruction.  The girls’ level of knowledge is very diverse.  Some of them display basic gaps which are rather profound.  Nunzia, our teacher, has begun the remedial instruction starting from a minimum level of literacy.  The girls’ difficulties, both objective as well as subjective, derive from the fact that many of them speak only a local dialect or that of their parents and this diversity compromises the use and the production of language.  However, we must recognize that the girls are very motivated to learn and come up to speed quickly. The older girls help the younger girls, always, and they do so joyously and with commitment.  For us volunteers, these English lessons are not just an opportunity for observation and data gathering, but also a time for our own self-examination in the face of the most varied and unpredictable difficulties which we encounter daily, also in light of the different didactic approach we noted there.