Trip Report (VI)

Halaba, 04 September 2021


We say goodbye to our little ones at Shashamane in order to travel to Halaba, where there are

just as many children.

Crossing the landscape dotted with “tukul”, houses with sheet metal roofs (“korkoro’”) and lush green vegetation, we arrive at Halaba. The school presents itself as a more down-scaled version of the one at Shashamane, but the welcome we receive is just as warm and loving as always. A sign of their exquisite hospitality is the coffee ceremony with flowers on the pavement, fragrance of incense and fresh herbs, and trays filled with bread, toasted cereals and hot tea. The children of Halaba seem almost intimidated by our presence, but their eyes reveal an underlying joy. The age of the children is fairly diverse, some are headed towards adolescence. They are well looked after by Askale, their teacher, and by their tutors, who are all attentive to their educational needs and more.

Here too a celebration for Nunzia’s birthday was held, accompanied by singing, dancing, and the joy of the children.

And now we go straight towards Hosanna…