Trip Report (V)

Shashamane, 3 September 2021


Happy Birthday Nunzia!

Today a big party was held in honor of Nunzia.  And what you’re seeing is only the beginning:  the ceremony lasted 2 hours, with singing and dancing, presents, and prizes for the best performing students of the Summer School.   And to top it off, there was cake, fruit, fruit juices for the children, chocolate candies, popcorn, all according to Ethiopian tradition.  This was followed by a full-scale investiture ceremony for Nunzia, who wore a traditional Ethiopian wedding gown.  Nunzia has truly embraced the cause for these people who are so poor, but so rich in joy and hope, and she never ceases to nurture them!!
The party was followed by the children’s joyous dances. 
A special birthday, in a special place, with Nunzia’s beloved children!!!
Watch the video here.