The GMA Napoli is a voluntary organization (OdV) registered to the ROA (Register of Accredited Voluntary Organizations) with registration No. 96 of 18/12/2012 and registered in the Regional Register under No. 1909, with decree no. 266 of 17/12/13.

The GMA Napoli has been operating in the communities of Halaba, Asella and Shashamane, in Ethiopia for more than 15 years. The association’s mission is to enhance the Ethiopian social and cultural heritage and promote the integral development of the individual, looking at their fundamental rights. The tool through which it acts is the SaD – Distance Support – with which it is possible to guarantee a home, medical care, education, and training for children and women.

The GMA Napoli supports several micro-projects in the most disparate sectors of intervention (water, reforestation, health, women, and education), actively contributing to the human and economic self-determination of people. In Italy, the association’s attention is aimed at spreading knowledge by collaborating with schools of all levels, parishes, and local associations.


What we promote:


  • Long Distance Sponsorship:
    Distance support for minors, in which we introduce into schools, giving priority to education to ensure a better future, or to entire families in difficulty.

  • Education for development:
    Development education, which is introducing into schools, in Italy and in Africa, the knowledge of others through testimonies and the use of specific educational materials.

  • Works of social utility:
    Works of social utility such as construction and maintenance of wells and cisterns, schools, health centers, promotional centers, and family homes.

  • Education:
    The training and qualification of teachers and medical staff, through professional volunteers. Training and microcredit activities are introduced to achieve the self-development of women as the head of the family.

  • Foster Homes:
    Shelter, health and education for street children and destitute women. 

  • Supporting Local Health Post:
    We provide doctors and sanitary supplies from Italy and abroad.  





GMA Napoli OdV