Let's walk together in Africa for a better world!

Please join us...

Lend a hand to Gma, please! HOW?

- by supporting the Child Sponsorship program, and encouraging others to do so too
- In  building schools
-In organizing foster homes for street children 
-In educating women for a positive impact on themselves, their families, their communities
-In providing shelter, health, and education facilities for orphans
-By becoming a volunteer
-By kindly supporting us with your donations
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Distance support GMA napoli

Adopt a Child at distance!

with less than 1€ a day, you may help him through:
education, medical assistance, family support.

Become volunteer!

The spirit that drives us is one of pure volunarty service : collaboration and action in a family style environment, working together towards A BETTER WORLD!

Volunteering at GMA Napoli

...is an expression of service, gratitude, and solidarity. Any travel and room & board expenses shall be covered by volunteers themselves.

In Italy

You can be of great use to us in Italy through active participation in on-site work, promoting new projects and activities.

In Africa

With Gma you'll have a wonderful experience in helping and sharing your skills for improving children's lives, training teachers and women in need.

Happy stories!

A collection of happy stories and testimonials from those who have touched the importance of supporting brothers and sisters in need.