Let's walk together in Africa for a better world.

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Let's walk together in Africa for a better world.

Our story began in 1968, when Nunzia and Pier Augusto, later founders of the Gmanapoli OdV, met, teaching as volunteers at the University of Asmara. Gmanapoli, an acronym for "Alem Mission Group" (world in the Amharic language), is a non-profit organization with the flavor of a well-structured family, founded on the commitment and passion of each of its members.

We all believe in a fairer world and we aim to break the circle of poverty with the weapons of education and defense of the most vulnerable part of society: women and children. Our main tool is Distance Support (SaD), with which we guarantee dignity and love for those who have no hope. GMA's commitment goes beyond the SaD in Ethiopia with projects of: Water and Health, Promotion of women and Schools.

GMA Napoli OdV

Your help is important

Every day we try to change the lives of vulnerable people and create hope through our concrete commitment and fundraising by supporters, donors, public and private bodies.

Become a volunteer

The spirit that animates us is that of pure volunteering, in the name of collaboration and action in the name of a fairer world!

Pure volunteering

Volunteering at the GMA Napoli OdV is an expression of service, gratuity and solidarity.

In Italy

You can make yourself useful here in Italy through active participation in on-site work, the promotion of new adoptions and participation.

In Africa

Having a wonderful experience of building and sharing their skills for the good of those who have always had nothing.

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Happy testimonials and stories

A collection of happy stories and testimonials from those who touched the importance of support.