Let's walk together in Africa for a better world!

Please join us...

Please Join Gma NGO.................HOW???

- in sponsoring children at distance
- in building schools
- in organising foster homes for street children
- in educating women for a positive impact on their families 
- in providing Shelter, Health and Education for orphans
- Become a volunteer !
- Awareness on developing Countries and.....................
  ...climate changes' impact on them
- Support us with your donations and suggestion                                                      
  ******************************************T H A N K you!!                                                                                                                      

Be a volunteer!

The spirit animating us is that of pure volunteering : collaboration and action FOR A BETTER world in a family style environment!

Volunteering at GMA Napoli

...is an expression of service, gratuity and solidarity. Any travelling and boarding expenses abroad shall be supported by volunteers themselves.

In Italy

You can make yourself useful here in Italy through active participation in on-site work, promoting new project and activities.

In Africa

With Gma you'll have a wonderful experience in helping and sharing your skills for improving children's lives, training teachers and women in need.

Latest News

Happy stories!

A collection of happy stories and testimonials from those who have touched the importance of supporting brothers and sisters in need.