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Education is a right, not a privilege!

Going to school means:

• Learning to read and write

• Breaking down school dropouts and fighting child trafficking

• Reducing the risk of work and child exploitation

• Promoting the introduction of good hygienic practices

• Reducing the causes of exclusion

Promoting professionalism for local development. Teaching these children would not only guarantee him a future worthy of being called that, but would give the possibility to all Africa to finally emerge from the ranks of ignorance, responsible for now steady steady backwardness of this country. In short, the school represents that real glimmer of hope. Help us, help us build classrooms, schools. Help us to buy books, pens and notebooks, so that we can be with your help, to represent that gleam.

Also a small contribution, can be a bearer of joy and salvation:

• With 1€  We donate a book to one of our 600 students in schools Ethiopians

• With € 40 We donate a counter

• With € 200 We donate a bookshelf bookcase

• With € 500 We donate a complete set of chairs for a classroom

• With € 1000 We donate a set of desks in a classroom

• With 5000 € We bild a classroom in CIKA (straw and mud)

• With 25 € monthly we guarantee education, bringing children from the street to the school with the Sad (Support from distance).